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Traunsteinera globosa.
Orchis globuleux.
Globe orchid.

This orchid has a marked preference for altitude! It will be encountered from 1000 m in the Alps and sometimes the Massif Central. Its distribution is European but covers the Alpine massif only. Unique in its kind in France, a second species found in Turkey.

A fairly tall plant (between 20 and 50 cm), it grows in the meadows and will be confused from afar with other flowers with a large abundance (the knautia in particular) and may therefore not be identified even by a wise orchidophile. Same general look, same height, same color, so you have to be careful.

The leaves have the same color as the stem and are more or less sheathing, so sometimes not very visible in dense vegetation. The "ball" inflorescence with a strong density of flowers deserves close observation to admire their complexity.

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