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Dactylorhiza elata.
Orchis élevé.
Robust marsh orchid.

Some Dactylorhiza will give a hard time as to their identification because each species varies and hybrids are frequent. In some regions, these hybrids would be more numerous than the type species. Observing the Dactylorhiza is the demonstration that once again, certain specialists tend to segment and name  which are sometimes only varieties. Evolution is certainly underway, but this will not happen on the scale of current humanity. Patience! 

I will therefore present only a few species, those whose identification remains certain.

Dactylorhiza elata is a plant that will be found on humid  and  rather alkaline substrates. The flowers are quite colorful but we will not trust the very variable designs. These are of course, as their name suggests, quite tall plants that can go up to 1 meter.

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