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Ophrys fuciflora.
Ophrys frelon.
Late spider orchid.

The Ophrys hornet or bumblebee is a small Ophrys in size (often 10 to 20 cm, sometimes up to 30 cm and exceptionally 40 cm). The habit is stocky and the flowers are often few. The lip has a trapezoidal characteristic  shape, and it is covered  with variable hairiness and patterns. Note the two atrophied petals generally concolorous (pink) with the sepals behind. The sepals are less extensive than for Bee Ophrys but there is little risk of confusing them because of the general appearance of the flower.

This Ophrys is more easily found in the east of France but it is present in other French departments (a little more than half). In the Alps, it will be found below 1400 meters.

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