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French Society of Orchidophilia. French Federation of Orchid Lovers.

Founded in 1969 and with 1,500 members and many more in regional associations, the SFO is the benchmark for French associations on the subject. Dealing with the cultivation of tropical orchids but also present for the preservation of French orchids, the association publishes Orchidophile, a quarterly newsletter. Its format has recently expanded to highlight a generous iconography . The subscription is not conditional on membership of the SFO and allows consultation of the archives (a hundred issues already online out of 200).

Having completed the digitization of these archives for the association, I think I can say that it is a mine of knowledge on the subject which has little equivalent elsewhere.

The French federation of orchid lovers recently joined the SFO in order to unite their resources on common projects.



Wild orchid  

One of the missions of the FFO is to enable orchid populations to be monitored both geographically and temporally. For many years now, Wild Orchis, through a collaboration of volunteers, both in running the site and in collecting data, has enabled this dynamic monitoring.

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