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Pascal Decologne

Amateur photographer since adolescence and passionate about natural sciences even if I did not make it my job, I discovered wild orchids about ten years ago by chance. I am lucky to live in the south of Essonne and not far from the forest of Fontainebleau. Between Etampes and Fontainebleau, the wastelands and limestone lawns, which are very frequent, are home to many orchids: Orchis, Ophrys, Epipactis...but you quickly feel cramped and the passion sometimes becomes an endless quest for new species, 'Hybrids, from Lusus. 

So I quickly extended my surveys to my native region: the Côte d'Or and the neighboring Jura. Then the Alps and La Vanoise to take advantage of the staggered flowering of certain species at altitude. At the beginning of spring, Aude and Aveyron... How and... why stop?

Not being monomaniacal for all that, I also photograph other flowers, the insects that visit them. 

Good visit to all and do not hesitate to comment!

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