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Dactylorhiza incarnata.
Orchis incarnat.
Early marsh orchid.

The Pyramidal Orchis passed from the genus Orchis to the genus Anacamptis in 1817. It has since been joined by other morphologically quite different species. It is genetic analyzes that sometimes shed light on the relationships of different species and not always their similarities. 

The pyramidal Anacamptis is a species with wide geographic distribution and often exhibits very high population densities. It is moreover, in the opinion of many observers, a species in full expansion.

Little subject to variation apart from the size (from 15 to 50 cm), its color can vary slightly from a light pink to almost vermilion red. We can sometimes find a hypochrome (white) specimen within a population. 

The flowering period can be all the wider as it is widespread in a department. It will be found from the end of April in the South until end Juin generally in the other departments.

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