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Serapias lingua.
Serapias en langue.
Tongue orchid.

Serapias cannot be confused with any other species of orchid. Determining them between them will sometimes be more complex because it is normally necessary to explore their interior. Most species (the most common) are fortunately easily identifiable. Doubt will remain when certain species coexist. 

Essentially Mediterranean, certain species are found in the south-west quarter and go as far as Vendée. Sporadic appearances are observed elsewhere but the development remains random and these are generally not viable populations due to the lack of pollinating insects.

Depending on the region, flowering will therefore take place from April to June.

Serapias lingua is a widespread species in the south of a diagonal which goes from Brittany to Nice. Of course, its presence does not stop at the French borders.

Few flowers for each foot, hairless dark pink lip and conspicuous dark callus. 

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