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Ophrys aymoninii.
Ophrys d'Aymonin.
Fly orchid.

Long considered an atypical form of Ophrys insectifera (Ophrys mouche),  this pretty little ophrys reached the rank of species in 1981 and its name (c' is quite rare for European orchids) is dedicated to the botanist G. Aymonin. 

The general shape of la plante or floral elements are therefore almost identical, but the yellow margin around the lower part of the labellum distinguishes it from O. insectifera. There is a white band in the middle of the labellum and petals like small antennae.

The orchid is present in a handful of departments in the south of France only: Aveyron, Lozère, Herault and Gard. It can be found quite easily in the Causses de l'Aveyron.

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