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Anacamptis morio.
Orchis bouffon

Green winged orchid.

Green winged orchid ( Anacamptis morio ) formerly attached to the genus Orchis is a relatively common and rather early plant (from April to June). The genus is European and well represented in France with very common species such as the pyramidal Anacamptis (Orchis pyramidal) or others more localized mainly in the south of the country.

Relatively easy to identify: the stem measures 10 to 30 cm, it is green and turns purple at the level of the inflorescence. The green, unspotted leaves are sometimes inconspicuous but generally bloom from the base. The flowers range from light pink to purple, The sepals and petals are grouped together in the shape of a helmet (like the majority Orchis). The sepals are striped, which will make it easy to differentiate the Jester Orchis from the male Orchis which sometimes shares the same biotope with the same flowering dates. A few meters away, confusion is possible.

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