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Ophrys fusca.
Ophrys brun.
Dark bee orchid

Ophrys from the south and south west of France, this Ophrys poses little problem of identification. It is part of Pseudophrys like Ophrys lutea. The labellum is relatively elongated, furrowed more or less deeply in its central part, devoid of humps. What is not visible lies in its pollination by specific insects (Hymenoptera generally) which position themselves with their abdomen turned towards the reproductive organs, which is the opposite of other Ophrys. Despite this peculiarity, hybrids are possible with Ophrys.

The determination of the species could turn out to be complex because the authors do not agree sometimes regrouping certain taxa sometimes multiplying the species. You will therefore sometimes find a single species Ophrys fusca (Ophrys brown) with synonym Ophrys sulcata, or the 2 very distinct species. 

I have therefore attempted here to present views respecting the most striking distinctive elements of determination.

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