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Ophrys speculum.
Ophrys miroir.
Mirror orchid

Also named Ophrys ciliata.

A rare species in mainland France, it is found in Corsica and the Mediterranean islands. Its permanent absence in France would be due to the lack of pollinating insects, so the populations observed are rarely perennial: it appears here and there, disappears and then reappears. But how does it manage to flower ? As it will be found in the Mediterranean departments, and sporadically on the Atlantic coast, the fertile seeds would arrive carried by the southerly winds, which would allow the emergence of small populations but not their development from flower feet in France.

Easily recognizable with its shiny lip, sometimes blue first surrounded by yellow then fringed with abundant hair, it looks like it was made of glazed ceramic. It grows in shaved wasteland, maquis and limestone soil.

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