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Ophrys aveyronensis.
Ophrys de l'Aveyron

Ophrys de l'Aveyron  is a "young" species in the sense that although it has existed for a long time, it has only been described recently. Endemic to Aveyron even if a species in Spain could be related to it (or vice versa?).

Its characteristics are close to Ophrys aranifera (ophrys spider) but its colors clash within the family and genetically it would also be related to Ophrys scolopax. Of medium size but rather solid, it is easily noticed from mid-May to mid-June  generally. Petals and sepals are pink but its labellum presents variants which take up the codes of Ophrys spiders (macules in the shapes of H or X) but also speckled designs which make it original.

It will of course be found in Aveyron, Herault and sometimes Lozère.

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